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Dumb question, is it possible to get the pajam app to make MIDI sounds? I have a MIDI keyboard controller, but it doesn’t make any sound output. With GarageBand, I can install patches/sound fonts to get sound. I see the “manage audio plug in” screen, but not sure how to actually make the MIDI input make any sound. Is this possible to do?

Hi doobyscoo! Not a dumb question at all. Pajam does not include built-in midi sounds but it does allow you to use VST/AU plugins via MIDI, and I believe mac comes with a couple MIDI synths by default. It’s not the most obvious thing to set up, so I’ll walk you through it.

First you need to scan your computer for audio plugins. Fortunately you only need to do this once (unless you install another plugin someday): First, select the MIDI input in the input selector, and in the “Instrument” drop down, choose “Manage Audio Plugin-Ins”:

In the window that appears, down at the bottom there is an “Options…” box. If you click it you will see a menu where you can select “Scan for new or updated Audiounit Plug-Ins”:

The window will now show a list of all the plug-ins you have installed. You can close the plug-in window now.

Now that you have scanned for plug-ins, the “Instrument” drop down is more interesting, and you should be able to select a synth, such as AUMidiSynth

Finally, make sure that you enable input monitoring, otherwise you won’t be able to hear what you play.

There are lots of free AU synths and samplers available online, but I’m not personally very familiar with the space. Maybe @Nir can provide some suggestions.

Thank you for your question and please say so if you need more help. You’ve also made me realize that this process is WAY too complicated and we need to make it significantly easier. Happy pajamming!


Thanks! Looks like the “Insert” dialog uses a combination of white on white and white on grey text on my computer?

I can’t see what’s going on here.

No idea… that’s Apple’s plugin, not ours. Anyway I tried it and it sounds pretty cheesy anyhow, you should find yourself a good synth :stuck_out_tongue:. My coworkers will chime in with some recommendations as soon as they get back to the office, but until then I can recommend browsing a great set of free instruments at Spitfire LABS (this is a VST plugin, so when you scan, scan for VST plugins instead of AudioUnit).

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a cool monophonic freebie (until recommendation will be available) -


Here’s a list of my favorite free instruments to Pajam! with:

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