Pajam! FAQ / Known Issues / Early Birds Tips

So you got Pajam running? Great! Here are some things worth knowing.

Current State:

  • Pajam is in early beta stages.
    • Things WILL change (your feedback matters :slight_smile: )
    • It might crash. (if it does… let us know)

Known Issues:

  • Once you get disconnected, you need to reconnect.

    • Yep, that’s not cool and we know that, on our TODO list.
  • Linux has no video support.

Early Birds Tips

Hey! Pajam! What’s that horrible noise?
If you’re monitoring yourself or even using the overdub mode (which is on by default). you could feedback the audio, making nasty sounds come out of your speaker. It’s the same with every music software.

  • Use wired headphones.

Auto-Punch / Overdub Mode / Settings

  • Auto Punch - makes the recording start on “the one” (start of a bar) and stop at the end of the bar. (Off by default)
  • Overdub - make the recording ‘loop’ and add on the previous recording. (On by default)
  • Pro Tip: Under the settings you can save your defaults!
  • Did you know you can add instruments or plug-ins? check-out this nice quick-guide:
    MIDI Instruments - #2 by luke