Re-using sequences

Is there a way to re-use sequences from one jam in another jam?

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Hi doobyscoo,

It’s impossible to move sequences from one jam to another.

If you have any thoughts or comments about Pajam! let us know, we’d be happy to hear them.



That’s a good idea! It might be a bit tricky because we have to have a fixed tempo – if you had a sequence from a jam at 125 bpm and now you’re playing at 90bpm we have a puzzle on our hands. I guess we could stretch, but it might not sound great.

Bit of a crazy idea, but what if you could save favorite loops away to your “library” and call them back later?

Yeah! Or even just start a new jam with the sequences of the last one… or save the sequences (rather than the entire song) and start a new jam with those.