Pajam as a plug-in

Pajam can now run as a plug-in (macOS AU/VST3, Windows VST3) in hosts such as Logic and Cubase.

When running as a plug-in, you can route I/O into and out of Pajam, add inserts on Pajam’s output, use the host-provided instruments and more.

Ideally, you should insert Pajam on an instrument or auxillary track. Pajam currently has no built-in input monitoring when running as a plug-in.
For your convenience, here are some project templates with Pajam already setup properly: (804.2 KB) (415.3 KB) (107.8 KB) (3.4 MB) (3.1 KB) (28.1 KB)

Camera/Video support [macOS]:
Since macOS Mojave 10.14, applications must declare in advance that they intend to use the camera; those that don’t, but try to activate the camera anyway, will crash.

Ableton Live 10+ and Cubase/Nuendo 11 properly report their intention to use the camera, so Pajam allows recording video on these hosts. On other hosts, the camera is disabled. It’s possible to modify your host to properly state its intention to use the camera - please ping us if you’re interested in enabling video support on your setup.

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